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About : Digital campaign


About : Digital Campaign

Credits : Collier Schorr Studio


About : "The Pop-up fire series is an abstract series of short videos. The concept, a window of aggressive fire hovering over a still image is akin to a surrealist painting, albeit for the digital age. The original images (from Axel also) are evocative in themselves, so when a new layer is added, the meaning is changed. The success of apps like Snapchat have skewered our susceptibility to surrealism, almost desensitising us to the bizarre. What seems strange in real life is normal on the internet" ·
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Axel Morin est un photographe et réalisateur passionné. Plongé dans la culture urbaine dès sa jeunesse, il se découvre rapidement un talent à créer des images au travers de ce prisme. Son esthétique profonde témoigne d'une exceptionnelle capacité à transmettre des histoires uniques. Aujourd’hui, son style convoité est un assemblage parfait de sophistication intemporelle et d’une interprétation fraîche et provocante.

- As-tu un rituel pré- ou post-tournage / shoot ?
Faire le point avec la prod et ensuite me vider l’esprit, accompagné d’un bon son de Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues.

- L’artiste disparu que tu aurais rêvé de clipper ? 
Notorious Big ! « Party & Bullshit »

- Ta dernière bonne action (et quand) ? 
Répondre à ce questionnaire.

- Si Dieu existe, qu’aimerais-tu qu’il te dise à ton arrivée au Paradis ?
Bienvenue Papyto!

- Ta phrase préférée en tournage / shoot ? 

Axel Morin is a passionate photographer / director with a strong vision for deeply aesthetic imagery and an exceptional ability to uniquely convey a story. 

Absorbed in the urban culture of his youth, he discovered a talent for creating images early on and uses this preserved youthful lens with a modern adaptation to frame his current works. Now, his sought-after style is the perfect blend of timeless sophistication with a fresh, provocative interpretation.

- Do you have a pre- or post-shooting ritual?
Going through things with the producer and then emptying my mind, accompanied by a good tune by Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues.

- Which late artist would you have dreamt of making a music video for?
Notorious Big! “Party & Bullshit”

- What was your last good deed (and when)?
Completing this questionnaire.

- If God exists, what would you like him to tell you when you arrive in heaven?
Welcome Papyto!

-  Your favourite phrase on shoot?

axel morin