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Ft. Esteban Ocon

Danish photographer/director Casper Balslev is a polymorphic artist who is as curious as talented.

What inspires him? Natural light, genuine people, sincere emotions, real life and the frequent happy accidents that are part and parcel of it.

- What color is your aura?

Neon blue with purple outline.

- Where do you go in order to escape for a moment from your daily life? My local cinema…

- Who is the late artist you would have dreamt to make a music video for? Prince “Purple Rain”.

- An artist who changed your life? Stanley Kubrick.

- What is on your bedside table? A lamp and a pile of children books and comics.

Awards :

The Royal Danish Theatre
Cannes Lions 2017 (1 Silver : sound design, 1 Bronze : editing)
Ciclope 2017 (2 Gold · Short Form cat. : 1 Low Budget & 1 Sound Design)

casper balslev