hans emanuel

L'OREAL MEN EXPERTOne Twist Coloration (DC)

BENZINAmoving forward together (DC)

Hans was born to a Mexican mother and German father in California, a native of Venice Beach. His childhood was split between Europe, the US, and Mexico. Whilst living in NYC he started to work in fashion design & this led him shoot some videos for the magazine. Hans quickly evolved into directing commercials focusing on fashion and beauty brands and his first campaign for O.P.I. in 2013 won a Bronze Lion, a Gold Clio and several golds at the Cristal festival. Now resident in Barcelona, Hans is in constant demand throughout Europe and has just shot his first campaign through Mad Cow for a London agency. Nivea “Urban Skin" for FCB Inferno.

Your favorite phrase on shoot ?

Let Hansito Play became a phrase when a creative saw me running through a fitting with an Eagle head on which had nothing to do with our shoot. He coined this phrase which later became something that I have used in other shoots with production crews, agencies and clients. Once the client's home work is done, then Hansito can play, and some of the more improvised magic happens then.

Who is the late artist you would have dreamt to make a music video for ?

I would have love to shoot a music video for David Bowie. His poetic words take you on a voyage with each phrase of his lyrics. Mixed with his extravagant personality and mannerisms its a real journey he puts you on. Songs like Space Oddity, take you away on a mystical voyage, that visual would be a very artistic and sensorial narrative to shoot.

What do you do in order to relax ?

As often as I can, I like to take 20 - 30 minutes to meditate in the morning. It settles my mind, helps keep a thought flow that is more productive and calm rather than hectic. To the of my best ability I try to apply it to other more strenuous moments that might arise in life.

The decade you would’ve like to live in ?

This is not really decade but more of centuries, I have always had a fascination with the medieval times. I guess a lot of my childhood imagination and games went into those times. Always dreaming how it was back then when visiting a ruin or some sort of medieval castle. I guess eventually Ill have to shoot a period piece to finally get it out of my system.

If God exists, what would you like him to tell you when you arrive in heaven ?

How I can be forgiven.

What would be your epitaph ?

I did it my way

hans emanuel