hernan corera

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Award : Club des Directeurs Artistiques 2019 (Bronze Photography in Music Video)

About : produced by When We Were Kids & Mama Hungara

Hernan Corera was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has worked in the audiovisual field of arts as a director, photographer, and musician since 2007. As a director, he began his career making music videos for important artists from Latin America, which led to a double nomination as best director at the Latin Grammy's in 2013 & 2016. He has now taken his artistic vision to the advertising world, crafting commercials that stand out for their very unique visual ambition.

In 2016 he received the Latin Grammy as best Director for his video ‘Gallo Negro’ of IKV. He has also won two Gardel Awards for best music video. As a photographer, Hernan Corera cultivates his personal art and fashion project collaborating with magazines and brands.

- Describe the composition of your perfect sandwich
Croque Madame!

- Your favorite accessory (at work or in life)?
My maté.

- What colour is your aura ?
Violet (n°7)

- Who would you choose to play your role in a biopic ?
Richard Dreyfuss at Jaws age.

- What is on your bedside table ?
A citrine stone and an E.H. Gombrich 'The Story of art' book.

- What would be your epitaph ?
In spanish “Por vos el mundo no se ha roto, ni se romperá” (in english: "For you, the world hasn't broken, and won't break")

hernan corera