Awards : Cannes Lions 2023 (1 Gold in Film Craft, 1 Gold in Entertainment for Sport, 2 Silver in FIlm Craft, 1 Bronze in Entertainment for Sport, 2 Bronze in Film Craft)

MERCADO LIVREnew iconic kisses

Awards : Ciclope 2021 (1 gold in Cinematography)

UNITED NATIONS X GOOGLE#globalgoals · "inertia city"

About: Created for Google, the United Nations, and the Tribeca Film Festival's ‘#GlobalGoals’ film series, the film is one of 10 shorts made by filmmakers from around the globe that promote the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Awards: Cannes Lions 2021 - 1 Bronze in Craft Direction and 1 Bronze in Film Social behavior ; Ciclope 2021 - Silver in Direction (over 180s), Bronze in Cinematography ; 


Award: Ciclope Festival 2020 - Grand Prix Award

UBISOFTghost recon breakpoint

About: Ubisoft . ghost recon breakpoint campaign: teaser long version

Club des DA 2020 - Best Direction, Best Cinematography and Best VFX Nominee
AICP Awards 2020 - Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Shortlist in Sound Design
Le Book Connections London 2019 - Winner in Video Advertising 
Mobius Awards 2019 - Commercials Best of Show Winner

MÉDECINS DU MONDE#shutupdeath (dc)

Awards: Bronze @ Cannes Lions 2018 (Craft Best Direction), Gold Craft Film @ Club des DA 2018 (Best Editing), Merit @ The One Show 2018 (Craft - Direction), 2 Bronze @ Clio Awards 2018 (Direction - Cinematography - Editing), Silver & Bronze & Finalist @ London International Awards 2018 (Direction, Cinematography & Editing), 2 Bronze & 1 Silver @ Ciclope Awards 2018 (Direction, Production Design & Casting)


Awards : Cannes Lions 2013 (1 Gold, 2 Silvers & 2 Bronzes) - D&AD 2013 (2 Gold Pencils) - Clio 2013 (4 Golds) - El Ojo 2013 (1st Prize) - Ciclope 2013 (4 Golds)

Réalisateur Brésilien, Vellas aime raconter des histoires spectaculaires au travers d’une écriture cinématographique, puissante et émotionnelle.
Ancien créatif en agence et fort d’une expérience en animation, il se tourne naturellement vers sa vocation première : la réalisation.
Son film Leica « Soul » lui confère une notoriété Internationale en remportant 2 D&AD et 5 Cannes Lions en 2013.
Récemment, il gagne un Bronze Lion à Cannes en 2018 pour son film #shutupdeath pour Médecins du Monde, produit par Frenzy Paris.

Brazilian director Vellas likes to tell spectacular stories, powerful and steeped in emotion, in a cinematographic style. Former creative agency and strong experience in animation, he naturally turned to his primary vocation: film direction.
His Leica film "Soul" gained international recognition, taking home two D&AD awards as well as five Lions in Cannes in 2013.
Lately, he won a Bronze Lion in Cannes 2018 for his beautiful film for Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) #shutupdeath, produced by Frenzy Paris.


AICP Awards 2020 (Best cinematography, best visual effects ; shortlist in sound design)
Mobius 2020 (Winner Best of Show commercials)
Le Book 2019 (Winner video advertising)

Deezer x Emicida
Ciclope 2020 (Grand Prix)

Médecins du Monde
Cannes Lions 2018 (1 Bronze in craft best direction, 3 shortlists in craft cinematography, craft script, entertainment fiction)
Epica Awards 2018 (1 Gold in public interest-social)
Clio Awards 2018 (3 Bronzes in direction, cinematography and editing)
The One Show 2018 (Merit in craft direction)
Ciclope 2018 (2 Bronzes in direction and production design, 1 Silver in casting)
Grand Stratégies 2018 (1 Silver in charity)
Club des DA 2018 (1 Gold in craft editing)
LIA 2018 (1 Silver in direction, 1 Bronze in cinematography, 1 Finalist in editing)

Mitsubishi - best burger in town
Ciclope 2017 (shortlist in production design)

Mitsubishi - watermopilasgrado
Ciclope 2017 (1 Bronze in costume design, 1 Finalist in VFX)

Cannes Lions 2013 (1 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze)
D&AD 2013 (2 Gold)
Clio 2013 (4 Gold)